Exotic fish and water-weed survey

Inspecting fish traps at the lake.

Checking fish traps during a recent dune lake awareness and planting day at Lake Waiparera - one of eight lakes and waterbodies selected for exotic fish removal.

Introduction - Whakataki

The Northland Regional Council (NRC) has responsibility for the sustainable resource management of the Northland Region, including environmental, economic, social and cultural well-being. The work undertaken by the Council is diverse and covers a wide range of issues and a broad range of stakeholders in the community.

Lakes, ponds and dams are an integral part of the lives of many Northland residents. They provide water, kai, aesthetic and recreational benefits, as well as being important refuges for a variety of native flora and fauna.

As part of the Freshwater Improvement Fund (FIF) Dune Lakes project, a mail survey was conducted to obtain information on the distribution of four invasive water weeds and exotic fish. The survey was conducted in June/July 2018 and this document presents the findings from the survey. The results from this survey will prioritise the location of pest fish control operations and will contribute to a Freshwater Pests Pathway Management Plan.