Caring for our water

Our freshwater resources are precious – we can all play a part in protecting them for current and future generations.

Take action!

You can make a difference by being careful with the water you use - at home and in the garden.
We produce a variety of brochures, self-help guides and booklets on taking action to care for our water.

Working together

Having plenty of clean freshwater is something we all want.

From the hills to our harbours, we’re working with landowners, communities, tangata whenua and other organisations to care for Northland’s water.

Improving water quality takes time, but the journey’s well underway and there’s plenty of great work happening right across the region.

Our role

As your regional council, we’re investing more than ever before in looking after water.

We have many roles when it comes to caring for Northland’s water, including:

Freshwater policy

Find out about central government policy for freshwater management.

Go to our freshwater policy information

Catchment management

We’ve worked with communities in several ‘priority’ catchments to develop local plans for better managing fresh water.

Find out about our catchment management