Hopua te Nihotetea Detention Dam Webcam

This webcam lets people check the operation of the Hopua te Nihotetea Detention Dam. The camera captures the inlet and upstream side of the dam.

The dam is designed to rapidly capture floodwater during heavy rain to lessen the severity of major flooding, then slowly release it back into the Raumanga Stream over several days.

How to view the images

Use the 'click to play' button on the camera image below, then click (or tap) on the video image to display a slider bar and date picker to select a timeline. 

Find out more information about the Hopua te Nihotetea Detention Dam project

Watch a flyover of the competed dam

Timelapse videos

Two time lapse videos showing the making of the Detention Dam have been uploaded to our YouTube channel. Thanks to SnapitHD for putting these together for us.

WARNING! These videos may potentially affect people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

View the timelapse from Camera One on YouTube

View the timelapse from Camera Two on YouTube

Watch flyover footage of the completed dam

This video has been produced by Ian Macdonald.