About CoastCare

What is CoastCare?

CoastCare is an opportunity to get involved in the management and protection of your local coastal area. CoastCare is local communities taking action to address environmental issues with their beaches. It involves a partnership between the local community, iwi, district councils, Department of Conservation and the Northland Regional Council, working together to protect and restore our region's beaches.

A major part of CoastCare groups is to help restore sand dunes by replanting native sand binding plants. Restoring and enhancing the sand dunes ensures that the natural character of the coast is retained, biodiversity is enhanced and helps prevent coastal erosion.

Other projects undertaken by CoastCare groups include dune rehabilitation, fencing, signage, beach access, weed management, pest control, planting, public education, beach clean ups and public awareness of coastal issues.

Why do we need CoastCare?

Northlanders love spending time at our beautiful beaches - it's what makes our region such a special place to live. During summer, our region's coastal towns and beaches become crowded with visitors and holidaymakers. Unfortunately, as our beaches become more popular and coastal development increases, the pressure changes the natural character of many of our region's beaches - and not for the better.

CoastCare groups are made up of people who care for a particular area of coastline. They work together to help protect and care for it.

Protecting our sand dunes

Many of the CoastCare groups in the Northland region focus on protecting and restoring native coastal vegetation and sand dunes. Dunes play an important role in protecting beaches from coastal erosion and flooding. Dunes and their vegetation also protect the natural character and beauty of beaches.

However, dunes are fragile and easily destroyed, relying on the plants that grow on them to trap sand. When dune plants are destroyed, dunes are lost.

Further information

The CoastCare Co-ordinator at the Northland Regional Council is available to discuss the CoastCare programme and visit CoastCare groups to help create a project plan. Phone the Northland Regional Council on 0800 002 004 or email [email protected]