Climate change in Northland

What are the impacts of climate change on Northland?

The potential impacts on Northland due to climate change could include:

  • An increase in annual average temperature
  • An increase in the number of ‘hot days’ (days >25°C)
  • An increase in drought frequency, duration and intensity
  • More intense storms and rainfall
  • Sea levels rising, increasing the risk from coastal hazards
  • Lower levels in groundwater (aquifers) and lower flows in rivers and a high risk that salt water will enter coastal aquifers due to sea level rise
  • Changes to the impact of existing pests and potential for new pests to establish (especially plants, insects and marine pests)
  • Effects on our native plants and animals and their habitats.

There are also some potential opportunities, such as the ability to grow new crops.

Useful resources

REPORT: Climate Change Projects and Implications for Northland

This report was commissioned by Northland Regional Council from NIWA in 2016.

It describes climate changes which may occur over the coming century for the region and outlines some possible impacts of these changes.

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