Local initiatives

Protecting Northland's landscape helps fight the climate crisis, whether it’s adapting to a changing climate or soaking up carbon from the atmosphere.

Sand dunes act as coastal buffers against rising sea levels and storm surges. Wetlands and mangroves are natural carbon sinks. Tree planting stabilises forests and erosion-prone land, and stores carbon too.

The more we protect our environment, the more it will protect us. And there are plenty of ways you can get involved with work in your community:

  • Look out for tree planting days, often run by district councils, iwi and community groups.
  • CoastCare groups work to protect and restore their local coastal areas. Find out more about CoastCare and how to get involved with your local group at: www.nrc.govt.nz/coastcare
  • Transition Towns is a grass-roots movement that brings people together to reimagine the world, in response to climate change and the depletion of the earth’s resources. Join one in Northland or set up one in your town. Find out more at: transitionnetwork.org