Nowadays, building sustainability into your business is just common sense.

Employers can help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by putting in place energy efficient practices in the workplace. You can also get your employees on board by encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour.

There are many steps a business can take to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and there are all sorts of benefits.

  • By using energy and other resources (such as company cars) more efficiently, costs (energy, resources, fuel/waste disposal) can be reduced and competitiveness improved.
  • Encouraging active ways for staff commuting, and providing flexible work options, makes for a happier, healthier workforce.
  • Creating products or services that use less energy and produce a smaller amount of greenhouse gas emissions can make your business stand out in a market that increasingly values environmentally conscious choices.

Gen Less provides plenty of advice for businesses on office operations, vehicle fleets and staff behaviour. Their Climate Action Toolbox is a free online tool for smaller businesses to tackle their carbon footprint. Funding, loans and expert advice for energy or emissions projects are also available. Visit:

Certification schemes for carbon and environmental management are a structured way to reduce business emissions and manage environmental impacts. Organisations such as Toitū Envirocare offer these services. Go to: