Water use records

If you are the holder of a resource consent to take water, you may be required to keep a record of your water take as a condition of your consent.

How can I submit my records?

There are three ways to send through your water use records.

Do it online with our online water meter system

Submit your water use records using our new online water meter system. It’s easy to do, and lets you enter your water use records and track your use over time.

Automated (using telemetry)

Telemetry can be used to transfer water use data directly from your pumping system or from a third-party data provider to us. Data will be uploaded to us in real time. For more information about telemetry, please contact us: email [email protected].

By post/email

You can continue to email records to [email protected] or post records to:

Northland Regional Council Mailroom 
Private Bag 9021
Te Mai, Whangārei 0143

Where possible, we prefer an electronic format, like Excel. We also encourage you to submit your meter readings, however abstraction volumes are still acceptable at this time. The latest water use records spreadsheet can be downloaded below.

When are records due?

Water use records are due each year by either:

  • 1 May (covering all water taken from 1 April to 31 March) or
  • 31 July (covering all water taken from 1 July to 30 June).

Check your resource consent to find out when your water use records are due and how often you need to read your meter.

All water takes greater than five litres per second are required to submit daily water use records by 31 July to comply with the Measuring and Reporting of Water Takes Regulations (2010), even if your consent states a different recording frequency or reporting period.

Water Use Record (WUR) sheets - metered and pumping hours

Please refer to your Resource Consent document to check when your records are due and for which covering period.

2024 to 2025

2023 to 2024

Why are water use records important?

Northland has around 600 resource consents for water takes. Most of these consents require keeping records of water use and sending them to us regularly.

Water take data is critical information that helps us to:

  • Manage water so that everyone continues to have a sustainable supply
  • Prepare catchment and regional plans
  • Assess water allocation
  • Plan for future growth
  • Check that water users are complying with consent conditions
  • Monitor environmental and ecosystem responses.

Who is responsible for sending records in?

You, as the consent holder, are responsible for ensuring the correct data is sent to us by the required date, even if your property is being managed by another person or company, or if you have a third-party data provider.

What if no water was used?

If no water was used during your water use year, we will require written confirmation of this. Please advise us of your nil take by emailing us at: [email protected] 

New Government Regulations for Measuring and Reporting Water Takes (2010)

The national regulations for Measuring and Reporting Water Takes (2010) apply to all water take resource consent holders who take water at a rate of 5 litres per second or more.  As of November 2016, all consent holders taking water at a rate of 5 litres per second or more must comply with the new regulations.

Further information can be found on the Ministry for the Environment's website at: environment.govt.nz/publications/measuring-and-reporting-of-water-takes-factsheet

Contact us

For consent or compliance enquiries:

Water Use Records Team
P: 0800 002 004 | E: [email protected]

For telemetry or the online Water Meter System enquiries:

The Data Team
P: 0800 002 004 | E: [email protected]