Outdoor burning

Can I light a fire?

You must ensure that you do not cause a smoke or odour nuisance outside your boundary.

Fire restrictions and permits are managed by Fire and Emergency New Zealand NOT the regional council.

To find out if you can light a fire, or if there are fire restrictions in your area, go to the following websites:

Is it alright to light?

Need a permit? Check and apply
www.firepermit.nz - You will need to use the online form to see if there are restrictions in your area, or if you'll need a permit.

Reporting a smoke nuisance - or a fire

Concerned about smoke or a fire? Try talking to the person, they may be unaware they are causing a problem. If the problem continues call our 24/7 Environmental Hotline on 0800 504 639.

If you feel the fire is a danger, call 111 immediately