Visiting Northland waters and marinas?

Northland Regional Council guidance

Boat hulls must be free of any marine pests when you travel to and within our region. An antifoul, lift-and-wash or waterblast, or an in-water clean by divers (if allowed within your region) just prior to leaving will generally be sufficient.

However, please note that there have been instances where arriving boats which have completed this process have still had Mediterranean fanworm and other marine pests remaining in hard-to-reach 'niche' areas (the base of the keel, bow thrusters, intakes/outlets, prop and rudder areas and even live bait tanks). Boat owners are encouraged to double-check these areas before their vessel is returned to the water.

As in previous years, Northland Regional Council will be contracting local divers to carry out extensive random hull checks during the summer months and intends to inspect 2000 visiting and local vessels between October and May. Any vessels found to be carrying marine pests will be required to be cleaned at the owners' expense, and the owners may also be subject to a $500 fine.

For more information on our marine pest rules:

View the Northland Regional Pest and Marine Pathway Management Plan

Please also note that Northland marina operators have separate requirements, which are outlined below.

Marina Requirements

Marinas have put a number of measures in place to ensure they protect their structures against marine pests. To visit a marina in Northland, boat owners will need to provide evidence of complying with a 'six or one' requirement: either an antifoul within the previous six months, or a lift-and-wash within one month of leaving an area infected with marine pests. Receipts are the best form of evidence; however, some marinas may also accept date-stamped photos of a clean hull. Check the image below for more details or download the brochure below:

Download the hull check brochure - Visiting a Northland marina this summer? (PDF, 305KB)

Biosecurity - Marinas poster.