Northland's Coast and Us

Northland's Coast and Us resource is all about the people of Northland taking action to look after Northland's coastline.

This resource showcases Northland's awesome coast. Check it out to explore and learn more!

We can all take action to care for our coast!

Find out about Northland's coasts, harbours, marine reserves and the people connected with it.
Find out about Northland's beaches - how they are made, what lives on Northland's beaches and who helps look after our beaches.
Find out why we value Northland's coast, what threatens Northland's coast and how we can protect Northland's coast from these threats.
Find out how Northland's sand dunes are formed, what native plants are found on Northland's dunes and what threatens Northland's dunes.
Find out what an estuary is, why estuaries are important and what is found in Northland estuaries.
Find out what a rocky shore is, what creatures live on rocky shores and what we can do to protect Northland's rocky shores.