Te Taiao

Northland's natural environment is something special. We have more than 3000kms coastline, 1.26 million hectares of land, excellent air quality and an abundance of freshwater. But our environment is fragile and always at risk. Learn what makes it so special and how you can make a difference.

There are rules for many different activities that impact the environment.
LAWA displays the results of water quality monitoring for rivers throughout the country.
View data collected daily from our rainfall and river monitoring sites around Northland.
Read the climate report prepared by our Hydrology team.
We have four webcams set up around Northland to help you monitor flooding in those areas.
Animal, plant and insect pests pose an ongoing threat to much of the land that makes up our region.
Our soil and land resources are valuable and provide us with a significant rural economy and forests.
Plantation forestry regulations, notice of forestry activities form and forestry guidelines.
Our region's most treasured and distinguishing natural resource is our expansive and beautiful coastline.
Report pollution, environmental and marine incidents.
Agriculture is an integral part of Northland's economy - one which relies on good environmental practice. Find out more.
Water is a vital resource. We all need to protect the quality and quantity of our water resources.
Find out what schemes we have in place to reduce river flood risks in Northland.
We all create waste and pollution. It's how we deal with our waste that can make a difference.
We are surrounded by air, breathe it everyday and it touches almost every aspect of our daily lives. But it is at risk.
Find out what funding is available for your environment-related project and what awards we sponsor.
Our environment is a complex web of interactions. We measure key changes in our air, land, water and coast.