Grants for planting on erosion-prone land

Northland has major erosion issues, with over 60% of the region and 40% of the region’s grazing land classified as highly erodible. Historical conversion of forested land to pasture has led to very high levels of sediment in streams, lakes, harbours and coastal systems.

To help keep soil on the land and out of our waterways, we are offering landowner grants for planting and fencing to reduce erosion.

What funding is available?

There is support available to subsidise land treatments on highly erodible land, including:

  • forest planting of exotic and/or native trees (species suited to retirement or continuous cover harvesting rather than clearfell)
  • poplars and willows for erosion control in pasture
  • assisted native regeneration and land retirement fencing.

To access the funding get in touch with one of our advisors | E: [email protected]

About our soil conservation and planting programme

Northland Regional Council, with funding assistance from Te Uru Rākau Forestry New Zealand, is trying to reduce erosion in our region, particularly on highly erodible hill country.

We’re providing advice and funding support to landowners and building capacity and capability of local planting contractors to provide a quality planting service for landowners.