Your rates

How is the council funded?

Our work is funded by a mix of rates and external revenue.

Every year we assess our work programmes and decide on the level of rates required (within the context of a 10-year plan).

Our rates are 'targeted' and some are 'differentiated'. This means that for some rates you will pay a different amount depending on where you live and the value/size of your property.

A full and detailed breakdown of the regional rates charged by council (and who is affected) can be found in council's Long Term Plan. A summary of the different rates (which apply to different ratepayers depending on where they live) is displayed in the graphic below and listed in the breakdown summary below.

Breakdown summary

Council services rate

Funds a wide range of activities including planning, consents and monitoring; governance and engagement; economic development; customer services, transport, harbour safety and oil pollution control; corporate services and other activities.

Land and Freshwater Management Rate

Funds land management activities and activities to improve freshwater quality in local waterways, like erosion control, landowner advice, water quality monitoring and water allocation.

Pest Management Rate

Funds pest plant and animal management activities on land and in the water and supports community-led pest control projects.

Flood Infrastructure Rate

Funds the development of flood protection infrastructure and other minor river works.

Emergency and Hazard Management Rate

Funds Civil Defence emergency management, natural hazard management activities and climate change adaptation planning activities. adaptation planning activities.

Regional Rescue Services Rate

Provides funding for organisations whose primary purpose is to save lives that are in immediate or critical danger, or to respond to serious injury.

Regional Sporting Facilities Rate

Contributes towards development of sporting facilities of regional benefit.

Regional Economic Development Rate

Funds activities which support economic wellbeing in Northland and community infrastructure.

Whangārei Transport Rate

This rate helps fund Whangārei district’s public bus service, Total Mobility services and other public transport services.

Far North Transport Rate

This rate helps fund the Far North district’s public bus service and other public transport services.

River Management Rates

Various river management rates are collected to fully or partially fund the development of flood protection infrastructure in communities across Northland. Refer to the council’s Long Term Plan and the regional rates brochures below for further information on the targeted river rates collected by council.

Who collects my regional rates?

Your local district council (Whangārei, Kaipara or Far North) collects regional rates on our behalf. This keeps rate-collection costs down.

Get your district council's contact information to find out if you can pay your rates online.

What payment methods are available?

The due dates and payment methods are listed on your rates assessment sent to you by your district council.

Rating policies

Northland Regional Council has adopted policies on the remission and postponement of rates and penalties, and the early payment of rates that are consistent with your local district council’s policies.

Remission involves reducing the amount owing or waiving collection of rates and penalties altogether.

Postponement means that the payment of rates and penalties is delayed for a certain time, or until certain events occur.

You may be eligible for rates remission or postponement if you or your property meets certain criteria. To view the full policies, go to the council policies section.

Information on instalment dates, penalties and discounts can be found on your rates assessment.

Rates rebates are all dealt with by the district councils. You can find rebate application forms on your relevant district council's website.
Find contact information for your district council

Rates details and property valuations

To find details on each individual properties rates, and rating valuation information, you will need to visit your district council's website to search for your properties information. These details are not available on this website.

Your rates at work

Our quarterly brochures that go out with rates notices issued by your local district council.
Find out how your rates contribute to supporting six life-saving organisations.
How this rate is used for the development of new sporting facilities.