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Northland is at COVID-19 ORANGE setting. Get information about our services during the protection framework settings.

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Total mobility

COVID-19 Passenger Announcement – Northland is at Red under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

If you are a Total Mobility client when travelling in a taxi or a pre-booked vehicle, both driver and passenger must wear a face mask or face covering.

Together we can stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

More information on face masks and face coverings

As part of your own Covid-19 readiness plan, consider your alternative transport options should Total Mobility be disrupted.

Half price fares

From Friday, 1 April 2022 until Thursday, 30 June 2022, Total Mobility journeys will have an additional discount applied to the already subsidised fare. This has been made available as part of the Government’s 50% public Transport Initiative.

Cardholders are in effect getting a 75% discount – the remaining 25% of the fare plus any costs over and above the maximum subsidy will still need to be paid by the TM cardholder at the end of their journey up to the usual regional cap. As usual, any amount over the regional cap is paid by the user in full.

As a Total Mobility Cardholder, here is what this means for you:

  • There is no change for you inside the vehicle
  • You will have your TM card swiped, as usual, the normal subsidy will be applied as well as the additional discount and you will pay the driver the balance
  • Any further questions please contact either your agency or Northland Regional Council on 0800 002 004.

Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme that provides a transport subsidy to help people with disabilities stay connected within their community.

If you have a disability that prevents you from using public transport, you could be eligible for a 50% subsidy (up to a maximum of $30) on eligible door-to-door transport to help you get around Whangārei.

The scheme uses an electronic swipe card system.

If you:

  • have a lasting impairment (six months or more); and
  • live in the Whangārei district;

you may be eligible for Total Mobility assistance.

To confirm your eligibility, you will need to contact one of the Total Mobility agencies listed below and undergo an assessment to ensure you meet the national eligibility requirements.  There may be a charge for this.

Covid-19 vaccination support

The Ministry of Health has established a support team to help people with disabilities get vaccinated. The team assists people and their carers to get information about the vaccine, make bookings, organise support at vaccination sites and arrange transport. To access this service, call the COVID Vaccination Healthline on freephone 0800 28 29 26 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and ‘push 2’ to speak to the support team.

Getting a Total Mobility card

You need a current Total Mobility card to qualify for the 50% subsidy. Once the agency has completed your assessment, the agency will pass on your details to Northland Regional Council, so a Total Mobility card can be produced for you. There is no charge for the card.

Who do I contact for an assessment?

Agent Contact number Contact person
Age Concern - Whangārei
16 Manse Street
Whangārei 0112
Phone: 438 8043
Email: [email protected]
Betty Smith

Blind Low Vision
277 Kamo Road

PO Box 8139
Whangārei 0140
Phone: 437 1194
Email: [email protected]
Kylie Mitchel
CCS Disability Action
291 Kamo Road
Whau Valley
Whangārei 0112
Phone: 437 1899
Fax: 437 0209
Email: [email protected]
Michelle Devine
Cairnfield House
PO Box 1478
Whangārei 0140
Phone: 437 0186
Fax: 437 2894
Email: [email protected] 
Julie Partridge
Community Mental Health Services
C/O Norton House
PO Box 742
Whangārei 0140
Phone: 430 4101
Fax: 430 4105
Email: [email protected]
Maria Keefe
The Epilepsy Association of New Zealand
(Northland Branch)

PO Box 712
Whangārei 0140
Phone: 438 5498
Email: [email protected]
Sam Morgan
Idea Services
151 Bank Street
Whangārei 0112
Phone: 470 2000
Email: [email protected]
Maria Ducrot
Lester Heights Hospital
93 Fourth Avenue
Phone: 438 3909
Fax: 438 3953
Email: [email protected]
Carly Mangulabnan
NorthAble Matapuna Hauora
40 John Street
Phone: 430 0988
Email: [email protected]
Bronwyn Collett

Total Mobility user guide

Read more about Total Mobility in the user guide: Total Mobility User Guide (PDF, 923KB) 

Total Mobility around New Zealand

Visit the NZTA website: to find a user's guide to the Total Mobility scheme in the different regions around New Zealand.

Transport Operators

Four Transport Operators provide the Total Mobility service in Whangārei and can be contacted on the following numbers:

A1 Cabs Whangārei

P: 09 438 3377

Driving Miss Daisy

P:  09 430 8091 | W:

Kiwi Cabs

P: 09 438 4444

Freedom Drivers Whangārei

P: 09 430 0139 | M: 021 0226 1564
E: [email protected]

Access Whangārei Map

The Tiaho Trust have made available a guide designed to help you find your way around the city, listing mobility parking spaces, accessible amenities including toilets, accommodation, conference, retail and dining options in Whangārei.

Find the Access Whangārei Map on the Tiaho Trust's website at:

More information on Total Mobility

For more information on Total Mobility please contact:

Total Mobility Co–ordinator
Email: [email protected]
Direct line: 09 470 1112