Road safety

The Northland Regional Council facilitates bi-monthly 'RoadSafe Northland Forum' meetings and facilitates a number of other initiatives with partners that include freight (heavy vehicles) and safe beach driving activities. The Forum is the planning and advocacy arm for road safety in Northland. Collectively it has developed and implemented a range of evidence based road safety activities under successive Regional Land Transport Programmes/Strategies and Regional Road Safety Action Plans.

In addition to the above, the four Road Controlling Authorities – Transport Agency, Whangarei, Far North & Kaipara District Councils facilitate quarterly road safety action planning meetings which progress and complement actions identified in the Regional Road Safety Action Plans and local Road Safety Action Plans.

Bi-monthly road safety reports are also submitted to the Regional Transport Committee who oversee and sign off the Regional Land Transport Programme on the work of the Forum partners.

For more information visit the Northland Road Safety website.

Use this form to report an effluent spill (or any other type of spillage) on Northland roads.
Find out about the Government's new Safer Journeys strategy designed to guide improvements in road safety over the period 2010–2020.