Draft Long Term Plan

Submissions have now closed

Submissions on the Draft Long Term Plan have now closed.

The final plan is due to be adopted by council at its meeting on Tuesday, 26 June 2012. 

What is it?

The draft Long Term Plan reflects the council’s future vision and direction for what it delivers on behalf of Northlanders.  It reflects the council’s current thinking and includes budgets (and forecast rates) for how we plan to deliver our activities over the coming decade, based on various assumptions about our future environment. 

The draft plan includes 19 proposals that either change the way we fund some activities, change the services we currently deliver or change the way the activities are structured.

The financial strategy within the draft plan describes our current financial position and how and why that may change over the 10 years outlined in the plan.

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You can request a printed copy of the Draft Long Term Plan Summary and/or the full Draft Long Term Plan to be sent to you by clicking on the REQUEST A COPY link at the top right hand side of this page or by calling us on freephone 0800 002 004. 

View Online

You can view or download a full copy of the Draft Long Term Plan 2012-2022 in the Document Files link below.

Your place, your say - Summary document

The Draft Long Term Plan summary document this year is a special edition of the council's Regional Report.  You can view the summary Draft Long Term Plan on this website, or download as a pdf document below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

View the FAQs online or download a pdf version below.

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Matters relating to the electronic presentation of the report to readers of the Long Term Plan Statement of Proposal

This audit report relates to the Long Term Plan Statement of Proposal for Northland Regional Council for the ten years commencing 1 July 2012 included on the Council’s website. Northland Regional Council is responsible for the maintenance and integrity of its website. We have not been engaged to report on the integrity of Northland Regional Council’s website. We accept no responsibility for any changes that may have occurred to the Long Term Plan Statement of Proposal since they were initially presented on the website.

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Legislation in New Zealand governing the preparation and dissemination of financial information may differ from legislation in other jurisdictions.


The draft plan is available below either as a complete file or for those using dial-up Internet access, it has been separated into the following sections:

Draft LTP - Part 1- Pages 1-20

  • Contents
  • Welcome to our draft Long Term Plan
  • About this plan
  • About our consultation
  • Submission form – Northland’s draft Long Term Plan
  • Issues for consultation
    - Increase in rates
    - New council objectives
    - Transition to change use of investment income
    - Criteria for using the new Investment and Growth Reserve
    - Change to council-controlled organisation structure
    - Reduced funding for Destination Northland Limited
    - New direction for managing water
    - New river management works

Draft LTP Part 2 - Pages 21-71

  • Issues for consultation (continued)
    - Bus services in Kaitāia and Dargaville
    - Rescue Helicopter rate
    - Biosecurity additional funding
    - Changes to monitoring activity
    - Council’s investment portfolio
    - Joining the Local Government Funding Agency
    - New Significance Policy
    - Revised policy on the development of Māori capacity
    - User fees and charges
  • Major Proposals
    - Proposed Investment and Growth Reserve Criteria
    - Change in council-controlled organisation structure
    - Joining the Local Government Funding Agency
    - New direction for managing water
    - Significance Policy
  • Financial Strategy

Draft LTP Part 3 - Pages 72-172

  • Independent Auditor’s Report
  • Financial overview
  • About our region
  • Additional information
  • New council objectives and council’s vision
  • Group of activities
  • Subsidiary organisations
  • Non-financial policies

Draft LTP - Part 4 - Pages 173-322

  • Significant Forecasting Assumptions
  • Forecast Financial Statements
  • Funding and Financial Management Policies Financial
  • Proposed Amendments to the Navigation, Water Transport and Maritime Safety Bylaw Charges 2011
  • Charging Policy

ISSN 1179-7878 (print version)
ISSN 1179-7886 (online version)