Mobile phone disposal

Both Vodafone and Telecom offer mobile phone recycling schemes so disposing of old mobile phones, accessories and batteries is relatively simple.

Vodafone collection scheme

Mobiles or accessories, like batteries and chargers, that collectively weigh less than 25kg can be dropped off at any Vodafone retail store or sent FREEPOST to: Freepost, Vodafone Handset Recycling Programme, Private Bag 92222, Auckland Mail Centre 1142.

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Spark collection scheme

Mobile phones and accessories can be disposed of in recycling bins at Spark stores. Spark can also take back and recycle desk top phones.

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Three things to remember before disposing of your mobile phone

  • Ensure that your mobile is disconnected.
  • Clear the phone's memory of contacts and other stored information.
  • Remove your phone's SIM card if it has one. If you need assistance, contact your network provider.