Planting poplars and willows for soil conservation

Support for landowners - subsidised poplar and willow poles

Northland Regional Council grows and supplies poplar and willow material for the planting of erosion prone land from our nursery in Mata south of Whangārei.

Poplars and willows grow readily from cuttings so our trees are supplied as bare stems with no roots or branches. These are commonly referred to as ‘poles’ or ‘stakes’ depending upon their age and length . The regional council is also trialing the use of rooted cuttings but supply is currently limited.

To learn more about the multiple benefits of using poplars and willows to stabilise your land, check out the Poplar and Willow Trust website at:

Information on ordering poplar and willow for use to prevent and control erosion in Northland.
When it comes to planting your poplar and willow poles, getting things right at the beginning will give you the best results.
Support is available for landowners who are planting to reduce erosion.