Resource consent hearings documents

Douglas Craig Schmuck

The hearing has now closed and a link to the decision is available below.

Resource Consent Application APP.039650.01.01 - Coastal Permits, Coastal Discharge, Discharges to air, Discharge to land, Storm water Discharges.

Find the documents for Douglas Craig Schmuck's resource consent applications

Find the Hearings Committee decision on D C Schmuck's resource consent applications

Subsequent Reports

Please note that the AECOM Report – Air Quality Assessment and the Total Marine Report - Preliminary design - jetty, pontoon, dredging, have both been amended to include updated plans on the 16-07-2018.


Whangarei Harbour Marina Management Trust

Resource Consent Applications: Northland Regional Council - APP.039825.01.01 | Whangarei District Council - LU1800032 - Coastal and Land Use Permits

Find the documents for the Whangarei Harbour Marina Management Trust's resource consent application


Limited Notification - Motutangi-Waiharara Water Users Group (MWWUG)

Resource Consent Application REQ. 581172 – 17 Groundwater Takes for Horticultural Irrigation.

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