Total mobility

Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme that provides a transport subsidy to help people with disabilities stay connected within their community.

If you have a disability that prevents you from using public transport, you could be eligible for a 50% subsidy (up to a maximum of $30) on eligible door-to-door transport to help you get around Whangārei.

The scheme uses an electronic swipe card system – Ridewise.

If you:

  • have a disability which prevents you from always using other public transport;
  • you are aged 11 or older; and
  • you live in the Whangārei district;

you are likely to be eligible for Total Mobility assistance.

To confirm your eligibility, you will need to contact one of the Total Mobility agencies listed below and undergo an assessment to ensure you meet the national eligibility requirements.  There may be a charge for this.

Getting a Ridewise card

You need a current Ridewise card to qualify for the 50% subsidy. Once the agency has completed your assessment, the agency will pass on your details to Northland Regional Council, so a Ridewise card can be produced for you. There is no charge for the card.

Who do I contact for an assessment?

Agent Contact numbers Contact person
Age Concern - Whangārei
16 Manse Street
Whangārei 0112
Phone: (09) 438 8043
Fax: (09) 430 3750
Betty Smith
CCS Disability Action
291 Kamo Road
Whau Valley

Whangārei 0112
Phone: (09) 437 1899
Fax: (09) 437 0209
Michelle Devine
Cairnfield House
PO Box 1478
Whangārei 0140
Phone: (09) 437 0186
Fax: (09) 437 2894
Julie Partridge
Community Mental Health

C/- Norton House
PO Box 742
Whangārei 0140
Phone: (09) 430 4101
Fax: (09) 430 4105
Maria Keefe
The Epilepsy Association of
New Zealand
(Northland Branch)

PO Box 712
Whangārei 0140
Phone: 438 5498
Sam Morgan
Idea Services
151 Bank Street
Whangārei 0112
Phone: 470 2000
Maria Ducrot
Lester Heights Hospital
93 Fourth Avenue
Phone: 438 3909
Fax: (09) 438 3953
Rachel Berg
40 John Street

Phone. 430 0988
Fax. 438 9468
Becky Stone

Blind Foundation
277 Kamo Road


PO Box 8139
Whangārei 0140
Phone: 437 1194
Kylie Mitchel

Total Mobility and Ridewise user guide

Read more about Total Mobility and Ridewise in the user guide below.

Download the Total Mobility User Guide (PDF, 270KB) 

Total Mobility around New Zealand

Visit the NZTA website to find a user's guide to the Total Mobility scheme in the different regions around New Zealand.

Transport Operators

Three Transport Operators provide the Total Mobility service in Whangārei and can be contacted on the following numbers:

A1 Cabs Whangārei

Phone: (09) 438 3377

Driving Miss Daisy

Phone:  (09) 430 8091

Kiwi Cabs

Phone: (09) 438 4444

Access Whangārei Map

The Tiaho Trust have made available a guide designed to help you find your way around the city, listing mobility parking spaces, accessible amenities including toilets, accommodation, conference, retail and dining options in Whangārei.

Find the Access Whangārei Map on the Tiaho Trust's website at:

More information on Total Mobility

For more information on Total Mobility please contact:

Total Mobility Co–ordinator
Direct line: 09 470 1112