Soil series videos with Bob Cathcart

Preserving Northland's soils

This series looks at soil conservation and erosion control techniques specific to Northland's unique geology and soil types. 

Wetlands as sediment traps

Find out how you can utilise the wetland on your property by applying puffers so it may act as a sediment and nutrient trap.

Gully erosion on gumland

Gully erosion is a very common form of erosion in Northland. Find out what methods you can use to control gully erosion on gumland.

Sand drift stabilisation and rehabilitation

Find out how mobile sand dunes were stabilised using marram grass, yellow lupin shrub and kikuyu. Check out how this sand stabilisation scheme transforms a property.

Poplars and willows

Clay hill country has a significant problem with tunnel gullies. Find out how untreated tunnel gullies could result in multiple erosion issues and how poplars could save the day if managed correctly.

Graded banks

Graded banks or contour drains are a method used in the development of gumland to control soil erosion and provide drainage for excess water. Check out how graded banks are established and the effectiveness of the technique.

Gully erosion on sand

Discover how sand was formed on land and why it is subject to erosion. See how detention dams can manage the flow of water and reduce the chances of gully erosion on sand.

Land use capability

Check out how you can assess the suitability of land for sustainable practices using the 'Land Use Capability Survey'. This method involves mapping geology, rock types, soil types, slopes and erosion.

Northland landforms

Learn how Northland's complex geology came about and the distinctive rock types across the region.