Northland economic data and information

Council purchases economic data from Infometrics as part of a joint annual purchase arrangement with the three district councils. This data comes in the form of a web-based annual economic profile for Northland and quarterly monitoring reports. Council also produces its own Northland Economic Quarterly newsletter which reports on a variety of quarterly indicators, annual regional information and contains a spotlight section which draws on Northland specific economic analysis.  Other reports of relevance to Northland are also purchased on as ad-hoc basis and are provided below.    

Northland Region Economic Profile

The Northland Regional Economic Profile is a web-based in-depth description of Northland's economic structure and performance over the past year and previous years. It covers a wide range of economic information on the economy (GDP, exports and industrial diversity), employment, productivity, businesses, skills, etc.

The tables and charts are dynamic, enabling you to drill down into an extensive regional database to analyse changes over time and at a various industry levels. It also allows you to make comparisons with New Zealand and other regions and districts that have purchased access to the service.

Find the Northland Region Economic Profile hosted by Infometrics. 

Quarterly Economic Monitor

The Infometrics Quarterly Economic Monitor contains data on a wide range of economic indicators including GDP, international migration, consents, house prices, retail sales and vehicle registrations. Like the annual economic profile, these tables and charts are dynamic.

Find the latest Quarterly Economic Monitor for Northland hosted by Infometrics

Northland Economic Quarterly newsletter

To track regional economic performance and trends – and provide relevant, up-to-date information to the Northland business community – council produces the Economic Quarterly newsletter through our eNewsletter service. You can sign-up to receive the Northland Economic Quarterly direct to your inbox at:

Tai Tokerau Northland Regional Growth Study

This independent report, released in February 2015, was commissioned by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), in conjunction with the region. It identifies a number of sectors and commercial opportunities that have the potential to sustainably grow incomes, jobs and investment in the Northland region. It provides:

  • an overview of the Northland economic and industry context
  • an analysis of industry opportunities, focussing on those sectors where quantitative and qualitative evidence shows that Northland has an advantage:
    -  the visitor economy
    -  forestry
    -  dairy
    -  aquaculture
    -  marine manufacturing
    -  horticulture
  • an in depth look at cross-cutting opportunities such as infrastructure, skills, digital and water management, that have the potential to unlock development and growth for improved economic and social outcomes in the region.

Tai Tokerau Northland Regional Growth Study (PDF, 2.7MB)

Northland Region Demographic Profile

These two reports contain important demographic information about Northland. The demographic profile provides an in-depth analysis of population patterns and trends in Northland covering the period 1986-present, and projected to 2031 including the age and ethnic structure and components of change. The profile contains two special topics, looking at the population ageing of selected local industries and movers and stayers, i.e. where do people come from and where do they go to out of Northland. The demographic snapshot provides an overview of the key demographic trends of in Northland. Both reports include analysis of the 2013 Census results.

Northland Region and its Territorial Authorities: Demographic Profile 1986-2031 by Professor Natalie Jackson (PDF, 2MB)

Northland Region and its Territorial Authorities: Key Demographic Trends by Professor Natalie Jackson (PDF, 900KB) 

Northland Region Community Profile

The link below provides access to an interactive web-based community profile of Northland developed by Infometrics using data that is freely available in the Census. It covers a wide range of demographic information on the population, migration, cultural diversity, families, transport, etc. The Community Profiles enable you to view data down to area unit level. You can compare each area unit against other area units, the Northland region as a whole and the New Zealand total. The latest Census results (2013) can be compared with the results from 2001 or 2006.

View the Northland Region Community Profile

To compare area units with various district totals, use the appropriate links below to access data for the Far North, Kaipara and Whangārei.

View the Far North District Community Profile

View the Kaipara District Community Profile

View the Whangārei District Community Profile