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Residents' Survey

Our Residents' Survey aims to understand how Northlanders feel about our performance as a council. We’re keen to know how satisfied people are with the services we provide, how we deliver those services, and the communication channels we use.

The survey results helps us know whether we’re meeting our performance targets and what we might improve on. The survey is conducted by Key Research, which carries out similar surveys for other councils authorities in Northland and New Zealand.

2021 survey 

The 2021 residents’ survey was carried out by Key Research during April to June 2021. The survey was sent to random invitees from the electoral roll and was also made available to the general public through an online link, promoted online. The postal and online survey were completed by 385 residents across the Northland region and there were 429 responses completed via the public anonymous link.

There were key findings, both in areas where we’ve performed well and in areas that need our focus. The attached report is primarily based on the randomly selected participant responses. Results from all participants including those who responded via the anonymous link are used to help us improve our services.

Previous survey reports


Annual Residents' Survey 2020 Report (2.44MB)


Annual Residents' Survey 2019 Report (1.69MB)


Resident satisfaction survey report - September 2018 (PDF, 1.54MB)


Resident satisfaction survey report - May 2016 (PDF, 902KB)

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