Consent decisions

Consent decisions made by the Northland Regional Council


April 2019 Consent decisions (PDF, 184KB)

March 2019 Consent decisions (PDF, 140KB)

February 2019 Consent decisions (PDF, 131KB)

January 2019 Consent decisions (PDF, 135KB)

Hearing Committee Decisions

D C Schmuck

Hearing Committee Decision - D C Schmuck (PDF, 534KB)

New Zealand Refining Company Limited

Hearing Committee Decision - New Zealand Refining Company Limited (PDF, 2MB)

Motutangi-Waiharara Water Users Group (MWWUG)

Hearing Committee Decision - Motutangi-Waiharara Water Users Group (MWWUG) (PDF, 1.2MB)

Opua Marina Extension

Due to the file size of this document, the plans on pages 68-77 have been extracted and uploaded separately