Water use records

If you are the holder of a resource consent to take water, you may be required to keep a record of your water take as a condition of your consent.

On this page, we have provided some report templates which you may find useful in managing your records.

Water Use Record (WUR) sheets

Below are the WUR sheets to download.

Please refer to your Resource Consent document to check when your records are due and for which covering period.

For example:
Records due on 31 July should cover all water taken from 1 July – 30 June, so you can download only one spreadsheet.

Records due on 1 May should cover all water taken from 1 April – 31 March, so you need to download two spreadsheets to cover the period.

These forms now have columns for Meter reading, Pumped quantity and other options.

WUR - Metered and Pumping hours (Excel format)

Meter and Pumping July 2019-June 2020.xls (48 KB)

Meter and Pumping July 2018-June 2019.xls (33 KB)

Making a return

When you are returning your WUR sheets to us, an MS Excel file (emailed as an attachment) is easiest for our staff to use.  However, MS Word format and pdf are also acceptable.

Choose the appropriate form to download and save to your computer.

Complete the form and send it as an attachment by email to wateruserecords@nrc.govt.nz with the subject as WUR CON your consent number e.g WUR CON 2010123401.

New Government Regulations for Measuring and Reporting Water Takes (2010)

The national regulations for Measuring and Reporting Water Takes (2010) apply to all water take resource consent holders who take water at a rate of 5 litres per second or more.  As of November 2016, all consent holders taking water at a rate of 5 litres per second or more must comply with the new regulations.

Further information can be found on the Ministry for the Environment's website at the link below.


More information

Water Monitoring Team
Phone: 0800 002 004
Email: wateruserecords@nrc.govt.nz