Whakāetanga a tono

Our regional plans contain rules about different types of activities in the region. Anything not permitted by our plans requires resource consent. A consent allows you to use or take resources, discharge into air, water or onto land and carry out works in the Coastal Marine Area (CMA).

Have your say on current publicly notified resource consent applications.
Find documents relating to hearings on resource consent applications.
View reports on resource consent decisions, including recent Hearing Committee decisions.
Access resource consent forms to apply, transfer or make a submission, plus consent fees and charges.
Find out how the resource consent application works step by step, what you need to do and how long it may take.
Find Water Use Record (WUR) templates and information to help you comply with your resource consent.
Find out how to go about building, modifying or removing a dam.
Find out what is a resource consent, types of consents we process and how to work out whether you need one.
If you're a resource consent holder, find out what conditions you may have and how to transfer a consent.