Whakāetanga a tono

Northland Regional Council can issue resource consents which will allow you to use or take resources (including water), discharge into air, water or onto land, and carry out works on land and in the Coastal Marine Area (CMA).

Do I need a consent?

If your activity is not permitted by our regional plans, then you will need a resource consent to carry out the activity.

View Regional Plan rules:  Proposed Regional Plan for Northland | Other Regional Plans

Examples of the types of consents we process include:

  • constructing or altering bores
  • using or disturbing a river or a lake bed
  • discharging waste into water, air or land
  • diverting a stream
  • diverting or discharging stormwater
  • building a bridge over a watercourse
  • clearing significant areas of vegetation (including mangroves)
  • building a wharf or jetty, boat ramp or placing a mooring.

Some activities may require resource consents from your local district council as well as the regional council. In such situations, applications to both councils may be processed at the same time.

For building permits, other land-use consents or a subdivision consent, you will need to contact your local district council.

Need help?

If you are uncertain about whether you need resource consent, give us a call and one of our Consents Officers can help you with this. 
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