Get alerts to your smartphone

The Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (Northland CDEM) recommends that people take a ‘toolbox’ approach to alerts and warnings, and make maximum use of the available options.

The Group primarily uses Emergency Mobile Alerts to send emergency notifications. However, we also recommend that people take advantage of other official sources of information that provide alerts, such as the MetService NZ Weather app for weather and fire. We also recommend staying up to date with other information sources, such as social media -  Civil Defence Northland Facebook page, radio and TV.

Emergency Mobile Alerts

Emergency Mobile Alerts are messages about emergencies. They are sent by authorised emergency agencies to capable mobile phones from targeted cell towers. They do not require any downloads but you do need to ensure that your phone is capable and updated.

For an overview of the system, FAQs and a list of phones that are capable of receiving Emergency Mobile Alerts, go to the alerts information at:

MetService NZ Weather App

The MetService NZ Weather app allows users to receive updates for extreme weather events and extreme fire danger risk in partnership with Fire and Emergency.

MetService | Weather on your mobile - get the app