Nga Whakamahere o Te Taiao - Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plans

What is an Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plan?

An Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plan (IHEMP) is a document developed and approved by an Iwi Authority. These plans describe resource management issues of importance to tangata whenua. The plans may also contain information relating to specific cultural values, historical accounts, descriptions of areas of interest (Iwi/ Hapū boundaries/rohe) and consultation/engagement protocols for resource consents and/or plan changes.

Importance of Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plans

Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plan planning documents recognised by an Iwi Authority provide a mechanism for tangata whenua interests to be considered in regional council processes. There are specific legislative requirements which require council staff to take these plans into account when developing resource management plans under the Resource Management Act 1991. Council also considers these plans when processing resource consent applications.

Funding for Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plans

The regional council will provide a contribution (in part) to the development of IHEMP plans. An annual contestable fund will be available once a year so that these plans are continually developed, reviewed or updated. All funding applications are carefully considered against the following criteria.

Criteria for application

  1. Applications must be submitted online by a person duly authorised by the Iwi and/or Hapū.
  2. Funding will only be paid to an established legal entity such as a marae committee, Iwi Authority, Hapū trust or consultants acting on behalf of the applicant.
  3. Applicants must agree to:
    a)  The final IHEMP being recognised by the relevant Iwi Authority.
    b)  A copy of the final IHEMP being formally lodged with the regional council.
    c)  An electronic copy of the IHEMP (either new, revised or updated) being available through the regional council's website. 

Applications for 2020 have closed.

Plans held by council

The following is a list of those iwi and hapū who have developed environmental management plans (recognised by an iwi authority) and formally lodged them with council.

As indicated, these are a precursor to engagement. If you wish to know more about these plans or to access a copy you should contact the entity directly.

Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plans held by council
Te Runanga o NgaiTakoto Te Iwi O NgaiTakoto Environmental Plan 2017
Ngati Hau Resource Management Unit Ngati Hau Environmental Management Plan 2016
Whatitiri Resource Management Unit Whatitiri Resource Management Plan 2016
Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rehia Ngati Rehia Environmental Management Plan 2015
Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board Hapū Environmental Management Plan 2015
Ngāti Kuta Whakatakoto Kaupapa Mo Te Hapū o Ngāti Kuta ki Te Rawhiti 2014
Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust Te Uri o Hau Kaitiakitanga O Te Taiao 2012
Te Rūnanga o Whaingaroa (Te U Kaipo RMU) Kia Matau, kia mohia e ora ana Te U Kaipo 2011
Kororareka Marae Kororareka Marae Environmental Hapū Management Plan 2009
Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hine Ngā Tikanga mo te Taiao o Ngāti Hine 2008
Ngā Hapū o Te Wahapū o Te Hokianga Nui A Kupe (Ngāti Korokoro, Ngāti Wharara, Te Poukā) Hapū Environmental Management Plan 2008
Ngātiwai Trust Board

- Te Iwi o Ngātiwai Iwi Environmental Policy Documents 2007
- Ngātiwai Aquacultre Plan 2005

Need help?

If you need assistance with your Iwi/Hapū Management Plan, contact:

Arama Morunga, Kaiārahi – Tikanga Māori, Northland Regional Council
P: 0800 002 004 | E: [email protected]