June 2019 - Chairman's Report

18 Jun 2019, 10:29 AM

Strategic issues

Shared Premises

As part of our council’s Shared Services programme with other councils we have been discussing the building of a new office building in Dargaville to share with the Kaipara District Council.

We are expanding our field staff in the Kaipara and Kaipara District Council’s offices no longer meet their operational requirements. Therefore, a new purpose-built building to be shared by the two councils makes great sense. Our council will provide the capital and KDC will become an anchor tenant.

Both councils get the office accommodation that they need to carry out efficient operations and our joint ratepayers get the savings that result. A classic win/win!

Kauri Dieback

The threat to our iconic Kauri from the dieback disease is of serious concern to all of us in the community.

We are delighted that the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has agreed to provide us with significant financial support to resist the spread of the disease. Your council is very active in this area of our work and the MPI financial support will be of great assistance.

Climate Change

Your council, as is the community, is very concerned about adapting to climate change and its potential impacts on our region. Many people in our community are not aware that we have been active in this space for several years and already have in place measures that are within our sphere of influence.

You can see what we are doing at: www.nrc.govt.nz/climatechange and www.nrc.govt.nz/climatechangeresponse