September 2018 - Chairman's Report

13 Sep 2018

Strategic issues

Northland economy

The importance of having a resilient roading infrastructure was reinforced for me recently when I met with the Paihia Business Association. Northland’s economy is going very well overall, but unfortunately Paihia has not fared so well. A prolonged road closure caused by a major slip at Lemon’s Hill has resulted in a challenging few months for our premier tourism destination.

Local government has been emphasising the importance of the ‘resilience’ of our roading network to central government for the last number of years. This is a classic example of why resilience is so important!

Commercial property portfolio

Reorganising of the council’s commercial property portfolio is continuing at a satisfactory pace to enable the council to get out of the way of commercial development in the Whangārei CBD. Eventually the council will be able to offer larger unencumbered parcels of land to prospective developers.

Water issues

The management of water, including water supplies, wastewater and stormwater, remains a live issue in discussion between central and local government.

Given the importance of water to all human activities it is better to spend some time getting any new system right rather than trying to make changes quickly. In the meantime, your council is pushing ahead with work to improve water quality in Northland, and to improve the resilience of vulnerable communities in the face of major flooding events.