March 2018 - Chairman's Report

14 Mar 2018, 3:53 PM

Strategic issues:


In 2016 Local Government New Zealand introduced a council measuring tool called CouncilMARK. This measuring tool is designed to assist councils to ensure that they use best practice for all of their operations and administration and to give their communities confidence that their councils are being operated efficiently and delivering value for money.

As I have noted before the Northland Regional Council has delivered business as usual for four years in a row at a zero-percentage rating increase. Entering the CouncilMARK programme is the next step to improving our internal efficiencies. So, over the next few months our team will be working hard to ensure that we are matching 'best practice'.

Kaipara has a new Mayor

Dr Jason Smith has been elected as Kaipara's new Mayor to replace Greg Gent who resigned towards the end of last year. As Chairman of the Mayoral Forum I will be working hard, along with my colleagues, to ensure that Jason is welcomed into the Northland Mayoral Forum family and given every assistance to help him come up to speed with the collaborative programmes that our councils are jointly running.

For his part, Jason has assured us that he is very keen on collaboration and working with his fellow councils for the betterment of Northland.

Provincial Growth Fund

The councils of Northland are working together to ensure that projects that receive funding from the Provincial Growth Fund will make a difference to the economy and communities of Northland.

The Taitokerau Northland Economic Action Plan that was launched in 2015 is a great starting point. However, hopefully, there will be other projects that come directly from local government that will tie in with the new government’s objectives, that will receive funding in the April or subsequent rounds.