May 2017 - Chairman's Report

11 May 2017, 12:38 PM

Strategic issues

Chief Executive Review

Under the Local Government Act 2002 all councils are required to readvertise their Chief Executive's position every five years. Up to two years' extension can be given in some circumstances. Council extended Malcolm Nicolson's contract in 2016 to finish in September 2017 to enable the new council elected in October 2016 to make its own decision about who to employ as Chief Executive for the next five years.

Council began the formal process in February 2017, appointing a special subcommittee to oversee the process using an external consultant and to make a recommendation to the full council. This recommendation will be part of this month's council agenda.

Annual Plan and Charging Policy

Council has received a great response to the consultation documents. Deliberations on the submissions to the documents will take place during May.

Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan (LTP) is the council's 10 year vision for the region, complete with covering budget indicating how that vision will be achieved. Each LTP is required to be reviewed every three years. Council will begin the more detailed work on that review later this year, once the Annual Plan and the Regional Plan have been completed. No date has been set yet for the public consultation that will be an integral part of setting the LTP.