Awanui River Maintenance Work 2018-2019

Tender summary

Awanui River Maintenance Work 2018-2019

The aim of this Contract is to provide for the efficient operation of the Awanui flood management scheme. The Contractor is charged with maintaining the flood management schemes to provide an uninterrupted service to rate-payers, and a speedy response to any faults that may develop.

This will necessitate preventative works as well as reactive type works.

There is provision in the Contract for additional miscellaneous related works, as provisional items. This will generally be for erosion and sediment control work but may also include unforeseen works within the flood management scheme.

This Contract includes details of the level of service that is required. The Contractor shall be paid the agreed schedule rates in return for achieving the required level of service.


Documents can be downloaded online from the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) website.

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Tenders closing date is 4pm on Friday, 24 August 2018. Tenders may be done by GETS electronic tender box, mail, e-mail, courier, or delivered in person to Northland Regional Council offices at:

  • 36 Water Street, Whangārei
  • 192 Commerce Street, Kaitāia

By mail, courier or delivery:

Tenders are to be enclosed in a sealed envelope with Awanui River Maintenance Work 2018-2019 clearly stated in the subject heading:

Tender: Awanui River Maintenance Work 2018-2019 - Tender Contract 18/05
Northland Regional Council
36 Water Street
Private Bag 9021
Whangārei Mail Centre
Whangārei 0148

By email:

Please ensure Tender: Awanui River Maintenance Work 2018-2019 is clearly stated in the subject heading.


Any enquiries to:
Peter Wiessing, Area Manager, Kaitāia
Northland Regional Council

Freephone: 0800 002 004

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