Hearings information

There were two separate hearings – one for genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GE/GMO) and one for all other matters. This page has information about the hearings for all other matters.

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Hearing panel recommendations

Now that the hearings are over, the next step is for the hearing panel to prepare their recommendations. The recommendations will include recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan and the reasons for the changes. It’s expected the recommendations will be presented to Council for approval in April or May 2019.

Staff reply

The hearing reconvened at 6 November 2018 to receive the staff reply report. The staff reply report responded to matters raised at the hearing and recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan.

Council staff opening statements

Council staff prepared opening statements for the hearing.

Staff opening statements - August 2018 (PDF, 1.6MB)

Hearings evidence and written statements

Submitters provided evidence and written statements for the hearings.

Submissions, hearings evidence and written statements - as at 15 November 2018 (XLSX, 65KB)

Hearing Panel questions and responses

The Hearing Panel asked council staff questions about the Section 42A Reports.

Hearing Panel S42A questions and council staff responses (PDF, 979KB)

Hearings Schedule

Schedule for Proposed Regional Plan hearings held in Whangārei, Kerikeri, Kaitāia and Moerewa commencing Tuesday, 28 August 2018.

Proposed Regional Plan hearing schedule - as at 8 October 2018 (PDF, 355KB)

Section 42A Reports

These staff reports responded to submissions and described recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan.

The recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan are shown in the document below:

Proposed Regional Plan - S42A Recommendations - Updated with errata 27 July 2018 (PDF, 4.2MB)

Errata to Proposed Regional Plan for Northland - S42A recommended changes (PDF, 54KB)

The recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan map layers are shown in this map:

Open the online map - Proposed Regional Plan - Staff recommendations

The 'General approach' report provides an overview to the approach used for the S42A reports and addresses the more general submissions:

S42A report – General approach (PDF, 579KB)Request for Word documents.

S42A report – Acid Sulphate Soils (PDF, 208KB)

S42A report – Agrichemicals (PDF, 326KB)

S42A report – Air Quality (PDF, 965KB)

S42A report – Allocation and use of water (PDF, 3MB)

S42A report – Aquaculture (PDF, 1.6MB)

S42A report – Catchments (PDF, 320KB)

S42A report – Coastal reclamation (PDF, 259KB)

S42A report – Coastal structures (PDF, 530KB)

S42A report – Contaminated land (PDF, 379KB)

S42A report – Dredging, disturbance and disposal (PDF, 389KB)

S42A report – Earthworks, land preparation, vegetation clearance and bores (PDF, 355KB)

S42A report – Land drainage and flood control (PDF, 380KB)

S42A report – Livestock access to waterways and the coastal marine area (PDF, 437KB)

S42A report – Mangrove management (PDF, 337KB)

S42A report – Marine pests (PDF, 239KB)

S42A report – Moorings and anchorage (PDF, 413KB)

S42A report – Other discharges of contaminants to land and water (PDF, 195KB)

S42A report – Re-building of materially damaged or destroyed buildings (PDF, 205KB)

S42A report – Regionally significant infrastructure, renewable energy and economic wellbeing (PDF, 177KB)

S42A report – Significant natural and historic heritage (PDF, 740KB)

S42A report – Solid waste (PDF, 245KB)

S42A report – Stormwater discharges (PDF, 260KB)

S42A report – Tangata whenua provisions (PDF, 274KB)

S42A report – Wastewater discharges (PDF, 333KB)

S42A report – Water quality management (PDF, 600KB)

S42A report – Wetland, beds of lakes and rivers, damming and diverting water (PDF, 442KB)

The Hearing Panel

The Northland Regional Council delegated to a Hearing Panel the function of hearing the submissions on the Proposed Regional Plan and making recommendations to the council. The exception is the submissions seeking the addition of provisions for genetically modified organisms - the full council heard these submissions separately.

The Hearing Panel is:

  • Rob van Voorthuysen (independent commissioner and chair)
  • Joce Yeoman (councillor)
  • Miria Pomare (independent commissioner)

Read profiles of the Hearing Panel members (PDF 111KB)


The Hearing Panel and council issue minutes to provide information to submitters and give directions about how the hearings were run.

Minute 7 - Council hearing of GE - GMO provisions (PDF, 128KB)

- Minute 6 - Hearing panel for the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland (PDF, 45KB)

- Minute 5 - Council hearing of GE/GMO submissions (PDF, 48KB)

- Minute 4 - Hearing panel for the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland (PDF, 42KB)

- Minute 3 - Hearing Panel for the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland (PDF, 41KB)

- Minute 2 - Hearing panel for the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland (PDF, 36KB)

- Minute 1 - Hearing Panel for the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland (PDF, 72KB)

- Errata 1 to Minute 1 - Minute and Directions of the Hearings Panel (PDF, 14KB)

Information provided in response to Hearing Panel Minutes

- CEP Services – response to Minute 1 (PDF, 38KB)

- Heritage New Zealand - Legal submissions in response to Minute 3 (PDF, 189KB)

- Refining NZ – response to Minute 1 (PDF, 599KB)

Soil & Health Association NZ and GE Free Tai Tokerau (PDF, 2MB)

- Vision Kerikeri - response to Minute 1 (PDF, 334KB)

- WDC and FNDC - Response to minute 1 (PDF, 580KB)