GE/GMO hearings information

This page has information about the hearings for provisions in the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland for managing the use of genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GE/GMO).

Reconvened hearings

The hearing was reconvened on 26 February to allow councillors to ask questions of the expert planners:

Expert planners’ response to councillor questions – GMO provisions (PDF, 199KB)

Audio for reconvened hearings - This file is 67MB

Hearings schedule

Schedule for hearings held in Whangārei, 30 and 31 October 2018.

GE/GMO hearing schedule - as at 25 October 2018 (PDF, 115KB)

Hearings evidence and written statements

Submitters have provided evidence and written statements for the hearings.

GE Submissions, hearings evidence and written statements and audio spreadsheet 

Section 42A Report

This report responds to submissions and describes any recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan. The report was prepared by Peter Reaburn (a consultant).

The following report is an addendum report to the S42A report.  It responds to evidence and written statements provided by submitters.

The hearings

Northland Regional Council councillors will hear and decide on the GE/GMO submissions. The chair is Bill Shepherd (Northland Regional Council Chairman).


Minutes are issued to provide information to submitters and give directions about how the hearings will be run. These are the minutes relevant to the GE/GMO hearings.

Information provided in response to Minutes