Weed eradication operation

Progress updates - weed eradication operation 2019-2020

Identify lakes for treatment Lakes Ngatu, Waiperera and Ngakeketo South are chosen for weed eradication, now postponed until Springtime, likely early September 2020.
Application to EPA Applications lodged with the EPA (Environment Protection Authority).
Approval received Approval from EPA to treat Lakes Ngatu, Waiparera and Ngakeketo South with Aquathol K as a whole lake treatment (a single treatment).
Public engagement Open day for residents and locals held at Lake Ngatu in July 2019.
Application to lakes The choice of application date is dependent on a number of factors, including weather and herbicide supply. NRC have now been notified by our herbicide supplier that there is a delay in the shipment from the USA and that the earliest delivery date would take the operation into mid-December 2019. This is not optimal for several reasons so a decision has been made to postpone the operations until early Spring 2020. Spring treatment offers cooler water which has a positive effect on contact time of the herbicide with the weeds. The later in the growing season we go, the more established and resilient the weeds become to eradication efforts. Increased recreation in the summer is another consideration in the postponement.
Notifications We will be writing to all notifiable parties to update them on the postponement of the operations.
Warnings and restrictions During deployment, signs will be erected at the lakes prior to the operation beginning, advising of water restrictions.