Coastal Hazard Maps for Northland

About the maps

New coastal hazard maps have been produced for many areas of Northland as part of a regional council project to limit future coastal hazard risks across our region. These maps have been prepared by consultants and include areas of current risk, as well as other areas which could be at future risk over a 100-year time frame. The consultant reports detailing these assessments are available from the consultant reports and site information section.

The coastal hazard maps include sites where coastal erosion and/or coastal flooding have been assessed. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions sheet for more information about the maps.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

These provide answers to commonly asked questions about the coastal hazard maps.

Download the Coastal Hazard Maps FAQs (PDF, 202KB)

Find out what this project involves and what sites are included.
Assessment and site reports for the coastal erosion and flood zones.
View the coastal hazard maps online.