ISO Accreditation

At Northland Regional Council we are committed to providing consistent, quality service and meeting our regulatory requirements.

Our quality management system is regularly audited to ensure it meets the ISO 9001 international standard requirements. To date, the following council functions are ISO 9001 certified:

  • Biosecurity
  • Consents
  • Farm Dairy Effluent
  • Formal Enforcement
  • Hydrology
  • Human Resources which incorporates Health & Safety
  • Information Management
  • Environmental Incidents
  • Field Monitoring Group
  • Land Management
  • Rivers & Hazard Management
  • Maritime (Incidents/Oil Spill Response/Aids to Navigation/Moorings)
  • Waste Management, and
  • Resource Consent Monitoring.

We’re continuously improving what we do and the ISO 9001 standard is a great business tool. It helps us drive value, reduce risk and improve our operations.

Telarc Certification - ISO 9001:2015

Download a copy of the ISO Certification (PDF, 634KB)

Northland Regional Council's Quality Policy

Read the Quality Policy (PDF, 630KB)