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Northland is at COVID-19 RED setting. Get information about our services during the protection framework settings.

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FAQs on face masks / coverings on public transport

Protect others, protect yourself – Face coverings or masks will be mandatory for anyone using public transport in the Red and Orange protection framework settings This includes all BusLink, CityLink services and private or ride-share vehicles. Face coverings such as a bandana or a scarf can be used if you do not have a mask.

On what public transport should I be wearing a face mask or covering?

It’s mandatory to wear a face mask or covering on all public transport e.g. buses, trains and ferries.

If travelling in taxi or ride-share vehicles both drivers and passengers must wear a face mask or face covering.

What if I don’t have a mask?

If you don’t have a mask, you can use a scarf or a bandana.

What about small passenger vehicles such as taxis?

Masks must be worn by both drivers and the passengers of small vehicles.

Is there anyone exempt from wearing a face mask or covering?

People under 12 years of age are exempt from wearing a mask. If anyone has a physical or mental disability which prevents them from wearing a mask (such as being deaf) they are exempt from wearing a mask.

Are there any other times when a face mask or covering will not be required?

A face mask will not be required if identification is necessary, in an emergency or where it’s unsafe or required by law.

Need more information?

Get information about how and when to wear a face mask or face covering on the Government's COVID19 website:

Please respect drivers and transport operators, they’re being encouraged to ask people to wear masks. It will be up to the individual boarding public transport to both wear the face mask / covering and keep it on throughout their journey.

Face mask on public transport.