NTA Transportation Procurement Strategy 2017-2021


The formation of the Northland Transportation Alliance (NTA) has provided the opportunity for a combined regional approach to be agreed and delivered through the adoption of this procurement strategy.

The four objectives that formed the basis for the Northland Transport Collaboration Business Case April 2016 and the formation of the NTA, have provided the local focus for the development of this strategy.

These objectives with their given weighting are:

  • More engaged and capable workforce delivering superior asset management (30%)

  • Improved regional strategy, planning and procurement (30%)

  • Improved transport/customer outcomes, enabling investment and social opportunities (25%)

  • Transport infrastructure is more affordable (15%).

This strategy covers the period until 2021. The update of the strategy then will align with the 2021/24 three year programme and the 2021/31 ten year Councils’ Long Term Plans. Any major changes which substantially affect procurement during its term will lead to its review.