What you can do to help

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Keep off the dunes and stick to the tracks

Wheels and feet destroy important plants and make dunes unstable.

Watch your dog

Don't let dogs run over dunes or chase shorebirds – and clean up after them.

Take your rubbish home with you

Keep our beautiful beaches free of litter.

Manage weeds carefully

If you live near the coast, get rid of weeds properly and compost garden waste instead of dumping it on the beach.

Keep stock in the paddock

Fence coastal margins to keep stock off the dunes.

Stick to the tracks.Stick to the tracks to protect the plants and dunes.

Take action – get involved

Contact the CoastCare Co-ordinator at the Northland Regional Council to find a CoastCare group near you. For more information visit www.nrc.govt.nz/coastcare