Safe boating

Golden rules for boating, boat safety checklist, lifejacket and skiing information.
Navigation light rules for power driven and sailing vessels.
Who should give way when on the water.
Buoys, beacons and navigational marks and what they mean.
Things to check when anchoring.
Under local rules, there are some areas you need to steer clear of in the Bay of Islands and in Whangārei Harbour.
There are live data buoys in the Bay of Islands and Whangārei Harbour, which can help you plan your coastal trips.
Tsunami warning signs and systems and what to consider before moving your boat to deep water.
Be considerate and always check the effects of your wake.
What you must do when boating near ships and Waitangi sector light information.
How to cross one of Northland's bar harbours safely.
Find out when you need to fly a dive flag.
Advice to mooring owners.