Respect our beaches

Vehicles are allowed on many Northland beaches but some restrictions apply. Our beaches and dunes are under increasing pressure from vehicles.

Play your part, stay safe and help protect our dunes, beaches and birdlife

  • Watch for beach hazards
  • Check the tides and identify your exit route
  • Take extreme care crossing streams
  • Keep off dunes
  • Use only sign posted vehicle access to beaches
  • Keep clear of shorebirds and other wildlife
  • Avoid driving over shellfish beds
  • Look out for no-vehicle areas and local restrictions
  • Follow all road rules
  • Drive slowly and carefully near other beach users.


To report bad beach driving, contact the relevant agency with as many details and photographs as possible, including the vehicle registration number.


  • Vehicle and driver offences.
  • Call 111 in an emergency.
  • *555 from your cell phone to report dangerous driving. 

Northland Regional Council

  • Damage to sand dunes/destruction of vegetation.
  • Environmental hotline 0800 504 639.

District Council

  • Bylaw breaches.
  • Noise complaints and rubbish dumping. 

Department of Conservation

  • Disturbance of birds/wildlife.
  • Inappropriate vehicle use in conservation areas.