Before heading out on a jet ski, make sure you know the rules and regulations in Northland where jet skis are required to be registered and the registration number displayed in a prominent position. Jet skis are powerful machines. It’s your responsibility to operate them safely and be considerate to other water users.


Jet ski registration enables us to:

  • make our waters a safer place for Northlanders and visitors
  • help cover the cost of managing the jet ski database maintained by Auckland Transport
  • identify the jet ski owner in a situation where the rider may be driving dangerously or not obeying bylaws
  • identify a stolen jet ski, thus preventing the on-selling of stolen goods.

Northland, Auckland and Waikato run the same registration system. Northland registrations are administered by Auckland Transport for a one-off fee that is with the jet ski for its lifetime. The Northland Regional Council does not receive any revenue from the fee. The owners of unregistered jet skis can be fined $200.

Know the rules 

Always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device. The life jacket must be securely fastened and be of an appropriate size. Speed - keep to 5 knots (a quick walking pace - 9.25 km/hr) within 50 metres of boats or others in the water and 200 metres of the shore and dive flags.

Man on a jetski wearing a lifejacket.