Marine weather

Checking the weather is essential before you go boating to prepare for a safe trip.

Remember that the weather can change suddenly and without warning. Keep an eye on the weather while you’re out, listen to the Maritime Radio and NowCasts in your area so you get a warning of increasing winds before they arrive, and head for shelter at the first sight of deteriorating weather. When the wind starts to blow, the water becomes very rough,
very quickly, especially on lakes and rivers.

Remember that forecasts are only the best prediction available at any given time.

Recreational boating forecast 


Get your local marine weather forecast online from:

A free MetService marine forecast app is also available to download from

Maritime radio

Weather forecasts and safety information are broadcast for all areas of Northland daily.

VHF channels 67, 68, 71

Forecast times: 0533, 0733, 1033, 1333, 1733, 2133 hrs

Coastguard nowcasting

Local area forecasts and current wind conditions are also broadcast continuously by Coastguard

VHF channels 19, 20,79


If in doubt, don't go out!