Hull cleaning

Hauling out is the preferred option for hull cleaning. In-water hull cleaning may be carried out subject to strict restrictions. You must ensure that no contaminants (marine pests or anti-fouling paint) are discharged into the coastal environment during the cleaning process.

To meet the requirements:

  • In-water hull cleaning can only be carried out on hulls coated with hard antifoul paint.
  • Only the micro-fouling (slime) should be cleaned off.
  • Clean your hull before moving your boat, not after. Only vessels that have not left the harbour since their last anti-foul application may be cleaned.
  • Hulls coated with ablative paints must be hauled out (as large amounts of harmful biocide chemicals can be released during cleaning).
  • If in doubt, haul out rather than cleaning your hull in-water.

More information is available on the council's website