The speed limits and minimum age requirements apply to jet skis as well as all boats. Jet skis have been involved in some serious incidents causing injury and death.


Man on a jetski wearing a life jacket. Council bylaws require that all jet skis used in Northland are registered and display a registration number at all times. Registration costs $54.40 (including GST).

A single registration is valid for all jet skis used in Northland, Auckland and Waikato. Jet ski owners need to go online to the Auckland Council website to register their jet ski: in the Licences and Regulations section.

Registration enables authorities to locate the owners/users of machines seen breaking bylaws and it can also be a useful way of identifying jetskis if they are stolen.


Jet ski riders must follow the same rules as boats:

  • A 5 knot speed limit within 200 metres of shore or 50 metres of another vessel or person.
  • No person under 15 years can drive a motor boat or jet ski that is capable of exceeding 10 knots.