If you're interested in owning a mooring in Northland you can either buy an existing one or apply to the regional council to lay one. The council has information about this process available on its website and a free online database listing moorings for sale or rent:

You can also find moorings for sale in the classified section of local newspapers, in Trade and Exchange, on Trade Me, and local boating club notice boards.

Advice to moorings owners

  • Swing mooring owners should regularly check moorings for damage or deterioration to the head rope and antichafe hose. Pile mooring owners should ensure mooring lines are in good condition and a suitable size.
  • Every vessel occupying a mooring shall display owner's contact cellphone/email in case of emergency. This is so you can be contacted if there is a problem with your vessel.
  • Any substandard or damaged buoy must be replaced.
  • Moorings must not be relocated without prior written approval from the Northland Regional Council. Owners of moorings relocated without authorisation will be fined and billed to return the mooring to its designated location.
  • The correct mooring number must be clearly inscribed on the mooring buoy in numbers not less than 30mm high.
  • Vessels larger/longer than the authorised licence length can't be placed on moorings without the Regional Harbourmaster's prior approval.

If any of your contact or vessel details change, please inform the Northland Regional Council promptly.

Maintain your boat 

As a boat owner, it's your responsibility to keep your boat seaworthy. Keep your bilge oil-free, remove unnecessary clutter form the deck, and if you can't maintain your boat, sell it.