Marine weather

General weather forecasts are broadcast by Northland radio stations. Specialist marine weather information is available from maritime radio stations.

Weather information

Metphone (calls billed to phone account):
0900 99909

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Download the free MetService marine forecast app on your mobile. Available from your app store or scan the QR Code here.

MetService Marine App QR code.


Maritime radio

Maritime New Zealand provides a continuous distress and safety listening watch on VHF channel 16.

Safety information and weather forecasts are broadcast for all areas daily at the following times:
0533, 0733, 1033, 1333, 1733 and 2133 on VHF channel 67, 68 or 71.

Continuous weather and maritime safety service Nowcasting channels

Coastguard Nowcasting provides peak and average wind strength (knots) and direction (true bearings) from sites around the northern region.

Whangārei east coast - VHF channel 20
Bay of Islands - VHF channel 19
Kaipara Harbour - VHF channel 19
Far North - VHF channel 20
Hokianga - VHF channel 79

Russell Radio, Bay of Islands
VHF channel 63 at 0900, 0930, 1330, 1750.